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On The Road E07 - Avitus Technology Services: Cole Halpin

What is technology and its evolving role in business? Avitus Group VP Eli Johnson is joined by Cole Halpin, Director of Avitus Technology to tackle that topic and more in this episode of On the Road.

On The Road E06 - Marketing: Dan Jeziorski

What is branding…and what can it do for a company? Learn those answers and a whole lot more, as Avitus Group Vice President Eli Johnson interviews the company’s Director of Marketing, Dan Jeziorski.

On The Road E05 - Dental: Krysten Garduno

Avitus Group founder Willie Crans went to the dentist and had a hard time getting the claim paid. His realization that dentists to go school to practice dentistry, not run a business, with the spark that ultimately led to the creation of our dental billing team. In this episode, Krysten Garduno joins Eli Johnson to share what the dental revenue cycle management program is, how it can benefit clients—and our new partnership with Cosentus.

On The Road E04 - Accounting: Andrew Miller

Avitus Group VP Eli Johnson and Avitus Group’s Director of Accounting Andrew Miller talk about knife juggling, football—and most of all, accounting. They also chat about the new Avitus Financial Services department and what it means to homeowners.

On the Road E03 - Solvo Global

Today On the Road, Avitus Group VP Alex Mozota is joined by Jorge “Zubi” Zubiria and Henderson Watkins of Solvo Global. Get the ins and outs of what the Solvo team brings to the table, how “nearshoring” is helping companies meet their labor staffing needs, and what makes Solvo an exceptional business partner.

On The Road E02 - Recruiting: Alex Mozota

Avitus Group VP Alex Mozota has built his career in the talent acquisition industry, weathering the 2008 economic downturn and—more recently—the COVID-19 pandemic. Listen to find out why we calls people “difference-makers” and how recruiting is far more than just finding a candidate to fill a slot. Interview by Eli Johnson, VP of Avitus Group.

On The Road E01 - Introduction

Join Alex Mozota and Eli Johnson, both vice presidents of Avitus Group, for the first episode of On the Road. You’ll discover what Eli, an experienced sales leader, views as a win and why. You can also find out more about the appointed consultant program, why it’s a great opportunity and what resources are available to help appointed consultants succeed.

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